26.09.2023 Four Days Remain for an Extensive and Thorough Search for Wanted Portraits

Sometimes, police departments conducting manhunts will solicit help from the public in locating the suspect. They will do this by broadcasting a description, by going door to door, and by placing wanted posters in public places.

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Lot 72 : Handcuffed Frank Costello New York, 3 February 1954 Vintage silver print, 230×185 mm, United Press agency stamp, caption, verso Estimate 400/500, starting price EUR 200


Lot 08. Parisian Photoreporter, Henri Landru, Paris, 24 may 1919, also 2 June 1919, two vintage silver prints, 90×70 mm (left), 100×70 mm (right), 270×200 mm (sheet), pencil retouches, on print, pen recto. Estimate EUR 300/400, starting price EUR 100

140 years ago, Bertillon achieved his greatest success by demonstrating that photography could be a formidable tool for law enforcement to prevent crimes and misdemeanors, as it led to the arrest of Ravachol, the most famous of French anarchists. Since then, millions, tens of millions of human beings have been photographed by law enforcement agencies, sometimes simply as a preventive measure like the anarchists of the past, or more often for having committed minor offenses or serious crimes …


“Most Wanted” durerà fino al 30 settembre 2023, ore 15.00.

Il catalogo è disponibile online sui siti Drouot.com, consigned.it e 150cent.com.


Save the Date

“Most Wanted” will last till Saturday, September 30 2023, 3 p.m.

The catalog is available online on the Drouot.com, consigned.it and 150cent.com websites.

Lot 41. Van der Lubbe at Reichstag Arsoners’ Trial Leipzig, 22 September 1933 Vintage silver print, 180×130 mm, pencil, pen: « Borgé », mimeographed caption, verso. Still a difficult subject in Europe history. In 1967, a court in West Berlin allowed the 1933 conviction to stand, but overturned the death sentence and posthumously changed Van der Lubbe’s sentence to eight years in prison. In 1980, another court overturned the verdict, but was overruled. In 1981, a West German court posthumously overturned Van der Lubbe’s 1933 conviction and found him not guilty by reason of insanity. This ruling was overturned. However, in January 2008, he was pardoned under a 1998 law for the crime on the grounds that anyone convicted under Nazi Germany is officially not guilty.
Estimate EUR 600/800, starting price EUR 200

You can download the pdf catalogue by clicking here or on the cover. Please note that every monthly catalogue is printed in a limited paper edition on recycled paper.

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Lot 64. Unnumbered American Mugshot USA, 10 June 1931 Vintage silver print on glossy Velox paper, 75x125mm, no name, no plaque. Estimate EUR 200/300, starting price EUR 100

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Lot 57. Young John Dillinger at Age 10, 1913 Indiana. Copy enlargement print on glossy paper (ca. 1950), 230×180 mm, pen on bottom margin, pencil, “International News Photos” agency stamp verso, press enlargement of a 1913 photo
Estimate EUR 300/400, starting price EUR 100

ASTA DI SENIGALLIA ha sede a Senigallia, Italia, il suo quartier generale e showroom. Le consegne, le richieste, l’assistenza e le spedizioni vengono generate da Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN).

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ASTA DI SENIGALLIA is based in Senigallia, Italy, its headquarters and showroom. Consignments, inquiries, assistance and shipping are generated from the ATELIER41 center, located at Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN).

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Lot 100 : Alphonse Bertillon (after), The first Mugshot : Ravachol, 6 May 1892, Senigallia, Atelier 41, 2023
Number one of an edition of seven on Fine art quality print on Atelier41 handmade Fabriano paper,
large exhibition print, stamped in August 2023, 760×550 mm
Estimate 300/400, starting price EUR 200


La Fotografia antica è la più bella delle collezioni …

Senigallia, città della fotografia, ospita un nuovo spazio dedicato alla collezione di fotografie. Atelier 41, si trova 41 via fratelli Bandiera. In preparazione la IV Biennale di Senigallia, estate 2025, conferenza, fiera 13-15 Giugno 2023.

Senigallia diventerà la Città delle collezioni.


Via Fratelli Bandiera 41
60019 Senigallia

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