3. Guerres impériales et guerres civiles (1860-1875)

3-MEX-ANP peloton execution

3-MEX-ANP Augustin Peraire et l’exécution de l’Empereur Maximilien 1867 : 3-MEX-ANP Agustin Peraire Mexico 1867 

We know very little about Agustin – Auguste or Augustin – Peraire, we do not know if he winessed the events or even went to Queretaro. More likely, he acted as a studio photographer and an editor, who could access and reproduce the photographs of François Aubert. We know his address in the year of the dramatic events: 1, San Jose el real and the name of his partner, Manuel Murghía y Romero (1807-1860), with whom he published an important iconographic source for the historians, the Album Maximiliano. The albumen prints reproduced in this article belong to the personal album of Philippe de Massa (1831-1910) who arrived in Mexico in the Summer 1866 as the young “aide-de-camp” of general Bazaine, already on the move to leave Maximilien.


3-MEX-FSA chemise

3-MEX-FSA François Aubert, archive retrouvée du photographe qui couvrit le procés et l’exécution de l’Empereur Maximilien à Queretaro en 1867 : Video sur une mission pour la Fondation Televisa 

Video, dialogue avec Mauricio Maillié, de la Fondation Televisa après avoir fait rentrer dans les collections cette archive importante pour l’histoire du Mexique.



3-USA-AML 1866. First use of photography for a postage stamp in history : A- Squaring the Circle

“On April 14, 1866, one year after Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, the U.S. Post Office issued its first postage stamp honoring the fallen president. The engraving of Lincoln was rendered by Joseph Ourdan after a photograph by C.S. German. It was the first use of photography for a postage stamp in history.”