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Lot 66 : Marc Vaux, King Kong, Paris, 1933
Vintage silver print, 235×165 mm, stamp, verso
Estimate EUR 100/150, starting price EUR 30


ATELIER41’s first online auction: “Le Cose” (Things).

Lot 26 : Constant Famin (follower of), Artist’s study: Roses II, France, ca. 1900
Collodion negative on glass, 300×240 mm, very small number in negative: «185»
Estimate EUR 400/500, starting price EUR 100


Animate Inanimate

Animate or inanimate? “Things” was the subject of a remarkable exhibition in Paris last winter, and we had the idea of making it one of the themes for our auction cycle to come in Senigallia.

Lot 35 : Pioneer of Soviet Photography, Electrification, Kola Peninsula, 9 May 1931
Vintage silver print on soviet matte paper, 115×85 mm, captioned and dated
Estimate EUR 300/400, starting price EUR 30


Photography has had infinite consequences, which we still debate. It enables us to capture memories of our emotions in relation to inanimate objects. It preserves the memory of objects that once belonged to kings, emperors, and pharaohs, or simply to our grandmothers. Here, you will find photographs of objects with illustrious provenance, modest provenance, or no provenance at all. Some of the photographed objects may still be available for sale, searching for their rightful place.

Lot 41 : Georges Bataille (circle of), Microphotography II, Paris, ca. 1931
Vintage silver print, 75×75 mm
Estimate EUR 400/500, starting price EUR 100


This auction focusing on objects will feature an assortment of items. In no particular order, we present museum objects, sculptures, armor, apples, bananas, eggplants, flowers, and stuffed crocodiles. Additionally, there is a photograph of a small statue of King Kong, marking the beginning of movie merchandise merchandising.

Lot 48 : Willy Kessels, Solarised Macrophotography, Bruxelles, ca. 1930
Vintage silver print, 235×175 mm, photographer’s dry stamp
Estimate EUR 300/400, starting price EUR 100


“Le Cose” will last 15 days: from July 7 to July 22 2023, 3 p.m.

Its catalog is available online on the Drouot.com, atelier41.org and 150cent.com websites.

Lot 60 : Museum Photographer, Crocodiles, Paris, ca 1900
Collodion positive on glass, 100×75 mm including margins, caption, ink
Estimate EUR 100/150, starting price EUR 30


Online auction registration

To participate in this online auction, it is advisable to create an account on the Drouot.com website by following these steps:

  1. Go to Drouot.com.
  2. Click on “Sign up.”
  3. Fill out the registration form.
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Lot 65 : Leland Clark (circle of), Experiment with Mice, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1968
Vintage press print, 255×200 mm, numerous French and English annotations, press stamp
Estimate EUR 50/60, starting price EUR 30


Secret Auction process

If you do not have internet access, do not wish to register with Drouot, or simply prefer to remain anonymous, ATELIER41 offers a Secret Auction process.

Lot 84 : No Credit, Advertising Composition, Paris or Brussels, late 1920’s
Vintage silver print on glossy paper, 280×230 mm, mention, pencil, verso
Estimate EUR 400/500, starting price EUR 100


To proceed, you may entrust your bids to the ATELIER41’s team, by e-mail to consigned, or in person at ATELIER41, Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN), Italy.

Lot 86 : «Guido», Chair during ice debacle, Paris, 1950
Vintage silver print, 240×180 mm, credited and dated, verso
Estimate EUR 300/400, starting price EUR 100


On July 22 2023, you will be able to follow the auction in presence in our premises, where we offer assistance on site or by phone to place live bids, in addition to the online bids offered by the Drouot.com automatic system.

Lot 94 : Mario Giacomelli, Provino 36: manichini, Senigallia, ca. 1980
Vintage silver test print, 40×55 mm, printing indication by the artist, pencil, verso, then cropped by the artist
Estimate EUR 500/600, starting price EUR 100


Lots can be picked up in Senigallia, Châtillon-sur-Saône, Paris, or shipped by post or FedEx to third-party destinations.

Lot 96 : Criterion Photocraft, Old Merry-go-round Elements, New York, 1930s
Vintage silver print, 195×245 mm, black studio stamp, verso
Estimate EUR 150/200, starting price EUR 30


ASTA DI SENIGALLIA is based in Senigallia, Italy, its headquarters and showroom. Consignments, inquiries, assistance and shipping are generated from the ATELIER41 center, located at Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN).

The ATELIER41’s team is at your disposal to welcome you, answer your questions, and provide additional images.


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La Fotografia è la più bella delle collezioni …

Senigallia, città della fotografia, ospita un nuovo spazio dedicato alla collezione di fotografie. Atelier 41, si trova 41 via fratelli Bandiera. In preparazione la IV Biennale di Senigallia, estate 2025, conferenza, fiera 13-15 Giugno 2023.

Senigallia diventerà la Città delle collezioni.


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