14.07.2023 July, an ideal month to create your secret museum

We encourage you to build your own personal museum and prepare for future exhibitions using the most beautiful collection of all: vintage photography. Following the success of the acclaimed Louvre exhibition, “Les Choses” (The Things) …

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Lot 9 : Adolphe Braun & Co, Parthenon at British Museum, London, ca. 1885
Vintage carbon print, 240×300 mm, starting price EUR 100

We encourage you to build your own personal museum and prepare for future exhibitions using the most beautiful collection of all: vintage photography.

Following the success of the acclaimed Louvre exhibition, “Les Choses” (The Things), curated by Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, we have decided to organize a sale featuring a hundred photographs of objects, which we have named “Le Cose” (The Things in Italian).


Online sale “Le Cose”
running until July 22, 3pm

Lot 14 : Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (circle of), Auguste Rateau’s Dining Room, Paris, November 1914
Vintage silver print, 260×255 mm, starting price EUR 100

This Wisteria dining room was in the Paris apartment of the engineer Auguste Rateau. Each room was conceived according to a unified theme, in this case wisteria, a symbol of welcome. The project was overseen by Lévy-Dhurmer, 1910-1914. It was acquired in 1966 by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The Louvre exhibition, “Les Choses,” offered a fresh perspective on a genre that was long considered minor: still life. The representation of things, with evidence dating back to prehistoric times, allowed for a remarkable selection from the collections of the greatest museums, ranging from prehistoric axes carefully gathered when possible, to Duchamp’s reconstituted ready-mades, and the works of Chardin and Manet.

Lot 22 : Louis Ollivier, Tulips Parrot, France, 1890s
Citrate print, 275×200 mm, starting price EUR 100

This variety of exotic tulips originates from the mountains of Central Asia.
They were introduced to Europe in the 16th century, where they quickly gained popularity for their elegance. Today, they are cultivated worldwide and are appreciated both in gardens and as cut flowers.


However, you can no longer collect prehistoric axes or subscribe to the numbered editions organized by Marcel Duchamp himself. Most vintage photographs, which take up little space, are still available for acquisition.

The “Le Cose” catalog presents vintage photographic prints at highly accessible prices, with bidding starting at $30.

access Drouot.com

atelier41.org or 150cent.com

Lot 17. Eugène Belgrand, Adolphe Bilordeaux, Axis, Aurochs vertebra Paris, 1869
Vintage improved Poitevin process print, 245×190 mm, , starting price EUR 30

Eugène Belgrand (1810-1878) was a French engineer who made a significant contribution to the modernization of the Paris sewer system.


July is a great month to contemplate creating your own secret museum

It is not a secret that Secret Bids are an efficient way to bid

ASTA DI SENIGALLIA is based in Senigallia, Italy, its headquarters and showroom. Consignments, inquiries, assistance and shipping are generated from the ATELIER41 center, located at Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN).

The ATELIER41’s team is at your disposal to welcome you, answer your questions, and provide additional images.


Catalog in PDF

Terms and conditions of sale


Luglio, un mese ideale per creare il vostro museo segreto.

Vi invitiamo a costruire il vostro museo personale e a prepararvi per le mostre future utilizzando la collezione più bella di tutte: la fotografia d’epoca.

Dopo il successo dell’acclamata mostra del Louvre “Les Choses” (Le Cose), curata da Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, abbiamo deciso di organizzare una vendita con un centinaio di fotografie di oggetti, che abbiamo chiamato “Le Cose”.

La mostra del Louvre, “Les Choses”, ha offerto una nuova prospettiva su un genere a lungo considerato minore: la natura morta. La rappresentazione delle cose, con testimonianze che risalgono alla preistoria, ha permesso una notevole selezione dalle collezioni dei più grandi musei, che vanno dalle asce preistoriche raccolte con cura quando possibile, ai ready-made ricostituiti di Duchamp, alle opere di Chardin e Manet.

Tuttavia, non è più possibile collezionare asce preistoriche o abbonarsi alle edizioni numerate organizzate da Marcel Duchamp stesso.

La maggior parte delle fotografie d’epoca, che occupano poco spazio, sono ancora disponibili per l’acquisto.

Il catalogo “Le Cose” presenta stampe fotografiche vintage a prezzi molto accessibili, con offerte a partire da 30 dollari.

Luglio è un mese ideale per pensare di creare il proprio museo segreto.

La Fotografia è la più bella delle collezioni …

Senigallia, città della fotografia, ospita un nuovo spazio dedicato alla collezione di fotografie. Atelier 41, si trova 41 via fratelli Bandiera. In preparazione la IV Biennale di Senigallia, estate 2025, conferenza, fiera 13-15 Giugno 2023.

Senigallia diventerà la Città delle collezioni.


Via Fratelli Bandiera 41
60019 Senigallia

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