We are pleased to announce our upcoming thematic online auctions: They will feature vintage photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries, with the technological support of Drouot Online.

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Rocca Roveresca di Senigallia

We are pleased to announce our upcoming thematic online auctions.

These online sales will feature vintage photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries, with the technological support of Drouot Online. The catalogs are available online on the Drouot.com, consigned.it, and 150cent.com websites.

ASTA DI SENIGALLIA will be based in Senigallia, Italy, its headquarters and showroom. Consignments and inquiries, assistance and shipping will be generated from the ATELIER41 center, located at Via Fratelli Bandiera 41, 60019 Senigallia (AN).

Each sale will offer 100 lots, which will be on display for the duration of the auction at the Atelier41 premises. When possible, temporary viewing will be organized in Paris or New York in occasion of photography-related events.

The online auctions will last 15 days.

The Senigallia team is at your disposal to welcome you, answer your questions, and provide additional images.

On the final day of the sale, you can follow the auctionat our office. We also offer assistance at the site or by phone (or text) to place live bids, in addition to the secret bids offered by the drouot.com automatic system.

Lots can be picked up in Senigallia, Châtillon-sur-Saône, or Paris, or shipped by post or FedEx to third-party destinations.



Soviet Pionner of Photography, Electricity, Vitebsk, 1931, vintage silver print, 105×80 mm (Le Cose, starting 30 euros)


The Things (Italian: Le cose): When Photography Reveals Objects – This theme explores how photography has brought inanimate objects to life, revolutionizing the tradition of still life, notably transposed by the world of industry and advertising. (8-22 July 2023)

Bontoc Igorots Dog Feast, Philippines, silver press print, printed ca. 1930, 21×15 cm. First published by Victor Forbin in 1903, this photograph has been long discussed. In 1904, at St Louis World’s Fair, the Igorots had to cook and eat dog every day … The American term originated there – tourists lined up to ogle Igorot villagers cooking and eating dog. Vendors then sold frankfurters as “hot dogs” outside the Philippine Reservation at the Fair. (Asta Evidenze, starting price 30 euros)


Evidences (italian: Evidenze): Photography as an Investigation Tool – This theme delves into the use of photography in solving crimes, finding or creating evidence, in anthropology, medicine, military history, and photojournalism. (9-23 September 2023)

Description in progress, albumen print


From Rome: Any collection could start in Rome – This topographic theme starts with the early photographers who worked in Rome, a universal destination for many artists and a central subject in the history of photography since its origins. (November 2023)

In preparation


Exploration (italian: Explorazione): From Underground Depths to the Cosmos – This theme encompasses general exploration and how photography has been used to broaden our understanding of space and the depths of the Earth. (Christmas 2023)

Luis Marquez, Model for a sculpture, Mexico, 1940, vintage silver print, 180×130 mm, blue stamp, recto, provenance : artist friend Carmen Carrillo de Antúnez who was then working at the Wax Museum (Asta Il sacro, starting price 300 euros)


The Sacred (italian: Il sacro): Spiritualities in Images – When photographers have tried to capture the spirituality of a place or an art work, bearing witness to different cultures and religions.

Italian Photographer, Putti, study, ca 1860, albumen print, 230×305 mm, intervention or defects on glass negative, small tears, puzzling image carefully printed from an apparently defective negative (Asta Riflessi, starting 300 euros)


Reflections (italian: Riflessi): Optical Games, and Accidents of the Image – This theme looks at how photographers worked with mirrors, reflections, distortions, and optical effects to create curious images, and how accidents in negatives can add a subtil dimension to the artwork.

French contractor in Argentina,Port, Buenos Aires, 7 June 1898, cyanotype print, 180×240 cm (Asta Colore, starting 30 euros)


Color (italian: Colore): An Endless Quest – This theme traces the evolution of color in the history of analog photography and explores both the chromatic catalogue of early prints and the different coloring techniques used before the digital era.

Inquiries about auctions : consigned

La Fotografia è la più bella delle collezioni …

Senigallia, città della fotografia, ospita un nuovo spazio dedicato alla collezione di fotografie. Atelier 41, si trova 41 via fratelli Bandiera. In preparazione la IV Biennale di Senigallia, estate 2025, conferenza, fiera 13-15 Giugno 2023.

Senigallia diventerà la Città delle collezioni.


Via Fratelli Bandiera 41
60019 Senigallia

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