150cent.com, a new e-commerce site broadcasting from Châtillon-sur-Saône, one small village of indomit able Gauls


Prior to creating the 150cent website, Estelle and Alexandre had previously had success with their antique bookstore in Mulhouse and Colmar.

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pleasure of browsing, and more than just for the pleasure

Knock on the Door, Clermont-Ferrand’s cathedral, circa 1859 (click on the image to access 150cent)

Alexandre Steger and Estelle Hassenforder were confined as we all were in March 2020 when they decided to create something meeting several of their ideas about collecting and describing books, drawings and photographs from the past centuries.

Entrance of Medinet Abu Temple, circa 1860, unmounted albumen with full margins (click on the image to access 150cent)

The central concept is the almost desuet idea of choice, chosen books, selected photographs. 150cent presents a choice of carefully selected items.

Émile Gsell (1838-1879), Arrival in Angor-Vat — self-portrait, 1870, albumen print (click on the image to access)

150cent is not only in the digital sphere, one can meet the architects and most of the selected items in the village of Châtillon, located on the Saone, upstream from Châlon. Every two months, a new exhibition is inaugurated, photographs above all, but also popular imagery, rare books, lithographs.

Mario Giacomelli. Bambino di Scanno, printed by the artist for a friend, 1973 (click on the image to access full description)

Estelle and Alexandre invites professionals to join their site, , for example by opening a new category of works to collect.

Napolitan Gouache, 1820’s, Vesuvio’s 1820 eruption (click on the image)

Curators and collectors are all invited to comment and criticize this Beta version in order to improve the pleasure of browsing.

Tasmania, 1870, albumen (click on the image)

Now, if you consider a visit, you may be tempted to organize a multi-stage journey and consider the Niepce Museum in Chalon, the Niepce House in Lux, Girault de Prangey in the Langres Museum.

Railway in the forest, Darjeeling, albumen, 1870 (click on the image to access)

Châtillon-sur-Saône is far from the sea, out of sight, close to the heart of Europe




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