16.04.2021 THE SENIGALLIA NOTIZIE TELEGIORNALE N°162 announces the June 2021 Biennale (Italian language with English transcription)

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English transcription of the interview within the TELEGIORNALE Senigallia News N°162 of 16-04-2021


Welcome back to the Senigallia short news Friday, April 16

a look at the weather forecast at the close of Saturday, April 17 on the Marche mainly cloudy skies except for the presence of some thickening in the afternoon evening there are no rains the maximum temperature will be about 12 degrees the minimum of about 5 the winds will be moderate and the sea will be rough.


We are in closing immediately after the theme song there are two important appointments the first is an interview made by our editorial director Massimo Mariselli asserts Serge Plantureux that organizer of the Biennale of Senigallia and immediately after the recipe of the great bucks with the students of the institute Panzini of Senigallia

A warm greeting to all from Senigallia Notizie. For this interview we are taking off our masks because we keep our distance and could be more comfortable


Multisensory newspaper, Senigallia Notizie, you watch us and you listen to us Senigallia Notizie online photo striker in Senigallia that divulges today a column edited by Enzo Carli, Conversations about photography, and publishes a column for 15 years about five thousand photographs sent to us by our readers. What to say ?  In August 2020 we also started what has been seeing now there is a video newspaper and today we wanted to invite Serge Plantureux to this interview because he will cure again as two years ago the Biennial of Senigallia for the summer 2021, so we will ask a first question :


– Dear Serge Plantureux, you are an expert of photographic auctions, in particular of French photographs, what brought you to Senigallia?


– I came to Senigallia for the first time to meet a famous photographer that everyone knows well here.  It was in ’92 my friends from Rome had advised me to make the trip to meet Mario Giacomelli and we came. He also received us very badly. We could not talk at all and as we were it was a great frustration, then a little later, three years later I was with his young wife, we passed close, we returned and, that time we were received much better, especially my wife.


– I get it, definitely, he has a better chance, than you, your wife.


– Yes, my wife has a better chance. Anyway it was so interesting this meeting then the city then Ines was pregnant; we understood that with small children it was nice to come on vacation. So we came to see Mario Giacomelli and we came to have a vacation with the children. And 25 years it lasted.


– You have now transformed this thing into a more concrete interest, since you will be the organizers of the photography biennial in Senigallia. What will be the program?


– The program has been a little bit organized with today’s sanitary conditions. So it means that the program has been very much on the good will of the artists, the photographers, the collectors, the historians. The general curator is Christine Barthe of the Quai Brandy museum, which a great French national museum. Two years ago it had been Maria Francesca Bonetti, of the Museum of Rome, of the Cabinet of Graphic Art. Christine agreed to come even though it was not very easy to travel. She has already come twice to visit all the places, and she knows enough about the world because she has started a big project called “l’Album du Monde”, the Album of the World, with the first photographs of each country; it has already been exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi last year. I helped her because I am not really a specialist in French photography; I like to travel a lot and I enjoyed, how to say, investigating the history, the early history of photography, the proto-photographers of all the countries where I could travel, be it Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Italy, and France.


– Once again Senigallia, Sena Gallica, conquered by the French but there will be this French intervention on Senigallia. Will there also be some Italians? Above all, will there also be some Senigallians involved in this?


– There are many Senigallians. There is the group, the Introvisione movement that is taking part, there is Giovani Ghiandoni, there is a French photographer who has been living here for five years called Michel Collet, then there will be an exhibition curated by Michele Smargiassi.


– Good, good, good.


– We have the participation of gallery owners, also collectors from Senigallia. There are French but not only. There is … also, a photographer will come from Moscow.


– ‘sum, it will be a good thing. It’s going to last this thing … there’s exhibitions, and then there’s really going to be the biennial, how, how does that work ?


– The exhibitions last during the summer.


– All Summer 


– Conference, meetings last three days….


– Three days 


– …June 24 to 26. And then, if it is not allowed to make a fair for collectors, there will be more discreet meetings to make even changes ; they will discuss among themselves. I mean Senigallia is really a very welcoming city for the small community of specialists in the history of photography and collectible photography, for museums.


– Well, Senigallia has now taken on this name, Senigallia, city of photography. What future? What are the developments of this biennial, of this photography for Senigallia?


– I don’t know what exactly are the developments, it’s difficult to talk about the future, but I can say for example that there will be Chinese journalists who will come in June this year, to report on whether we could also organize a special Chinese biennial in a few years.


– Got it. So we are the gobbledygook of this interview. Do you want to add something ? I call you Serge because by now we would have become friends; do you want to add something ?


– E. I do not want to make too much publicity. But I have to say that it has been many years since I have seen an initiative of mine have such an almost universal welcome, that is, the idea of having these meetings in Senigallia appeals to everyone.


– Sure.


– People here like it a little bit too, it’s not easy for the people of Senigallia to like each other! But the American museums that I know, or the Swiss, or the French like it a lot… because I have to explain that in the big cities, the photography fairs, the famous Paris Photo, the famous AIPAD in America, where I have participated for many years, have evolved a bit like Formula One. It has become the circuit of Formula One only, and…. there is a lack of time, a lack of space for more subtle things such as a more metaphysical photography or even a history of photography, old photographs that cannot always compete with the galleries that take stands of 100,000 euros.


– All right. Thank you for your kind contribution and we hope to have the opportunity for other meetings during the biennial.


– I hope so…


– A big greeting to Serge Plantureux, Massimo Mariselli and to the director Alberto


– Welcome to the column of the great Max …


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