21.01.2016 An Hexadecimal Coordinates System

Since the first public presentation of this elementary system, in Toronto, January 2013, various critics and comments suggested to keep the smooth timeline adapted to every region, and to improve the zoning system. Especially it sound in a way French-geocentric to Anglo-Saxons collectors …

An Hexadecimal Coordinates System.pdf

This is a first draft of a booklet scheduled to be printed in February or March.

The system will be effective for the auction catalogues in preparation, especialy the Thursday 10 November 2016 evening auction organized in Paris with Maître Alexandre Giquello.

The catalogue will describe over 300 mysterious photographs, all difficult to attribuate with certainty, but with interesting provenance, from important photographers’ studios and circles.

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The recent years confirmed the importance of describing photographic objects with a correct dating, in both exhibition and auctions catalogues.

This coordinates system need to be simple. It will automatically detect and separate vintage artifacts from their numbered reprints and innumerable digital clones.

PWT 3-2016 Taxonomy-Hex-System

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